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The following picture and story contains body expansion fetish material. If you don't like it, don't look.

This picture is based on a little story me and :iconthefwank: did a while back. It tells a story about two women venturing deep into a jungle and finding this idol. And...actually, why don't you read it yourself? ;P

Here's the story, modified, checked and re-checked by :iconthefwank:

* * * * *

Annette led the way into the central chamber, her flashlight sweeping across the ornately-decorated shrine. In the center of it was the artifact they'd been searching for, a gold and jewel-encrusted statue called "the divine mother". The figure was solid gold, made all the more impressive by the nearly inhuman voloptuousness of it, every curve exaggerated into a hyperbole of fertility.
Behind Annette her partner followed, a light-skinned woman with her long copper brown hair tied into a simple ponytail. Grunting from strain, she pushed through the narrow half-collapsed doorway. "Ugh, why do these ancient temples always have to be in dense jungles and rugged mountains?" Anja grumbled with her strong finnish accent, dusting her white t-shirt before letting out a sneeze. "Why can't there ever be ancient temples on the beach? All this dust and moisture. I'm really not fit for this kinda thing, you know?" she huffed and stepped next to Annette.
"If they were we wouldn't be the first people inside," Annette scoffed as she focused her flashlight's beam on the idol. "Good grief," She said as she squinted, the reflection off the jeweled inlay too sudden a change in brightness from the dark caverns they'd just passed through. "How much you think that thing weighs?"
Anja blinked at the figurine the other woman was shining her flashlight on, and her grey eyes spread wide. "Oh, my! That thing must be worth a fortune!" she gasped. "It MUST be what we're after."
"You think?" Annette scoffed, brushing her short blonde hair behind her ear. "...Good grief," She repeated as she came up to the pedestal the idol was resting on. "Here, open your pack," She said, shrugging out of her backpack and setting it on the ground. "This thing's going to weigh a ton, I need to make room in my bag."
It took a moment for Anja to snap out of her trance, and when she did the woman shook her head a bit. "Um, you're just gonna take it? Just like that?" Anja glanced at her partner and friend, lifting an eyebrow. "I don't think that's a good idea, Annette. I mean, haven't you seen these movies? There's always some sorta trick or trap behind it..." Anja looked at the idol with a frown, but she did as asked. She nudged her backpack off and opened it before her.
"Oh, geeze," Annette said, rolling her eyes as she started moving items from her bag to Anja's. "You really need to get out of the office more. You've been in this field this long and still believe in that hooey? Look," She said, standing up and grabbing the Idol under the gravid golden breasts that surpassed even the girth of its enormous bloated stomach. "Hrrph!" she grunted as she picked it up off its pedestal and set it back down. "See? No trap doors, no rolling boulders. Who would want to worship in the middle of a deathtrap?"
"Eh, one can't be too careful. You never know about these kinds of things. Being all ancient and mysterious DOES tend to rouse people's superstitions, you know," Anja said, sticking her tongue out at Annette as she took the blonde-haired woman's items. "So, need a hand with that idol? It looks like more than a handful," the copper-haired woman said when leaning over the pedestal.
"Yeah, I think we're ready," Annette said, looking at the clothes and other soft items she'd left as a cushion on the bottom of her pack. They each took a position on either side of the pedestal, grabbing the large idol. "One, two, three, lift!" Annette grunted as they took the idol off its pedestal and lowered it into her pack. "Phew," She said as she closed up her bag. "This is going to be fun to carry the fifty miles back to camp..."
"Oh, crud. And *I* have to carry it all that way? Hell no! My back would never forgive me." Anja complained while wiping sweat from her forehead. Climbing the cliffs, crossing the rivers and plowing through the vegetation was one thing, but carrying a really heavy idol by herself wasn't what she wasn going to do by herself. Looking at the exaggerated golden woman in the bag, Anja couldn't help imagining the faces of everyone back at home when they'd present this jewel, and she grinned a bit when turning back to Annette. "Well, better hit the road, then. We've got quite the way ahead of us."
"Haha, right, like I'd let you carry this," Annette said as she hefted the heavy pack onto her shoulders. "You almost fell off the trail up here just carrying yourself." Annette gave the room one last sweep with her flashlight before hooking it to her backpack strap.
"Oh, ha ha. You know my foot slipped. That damn rock was slippery as hell!" Anja defended herself with a slight blush. They both knew all too well that the finn wasn't the best explorer there was, and she couldn't really put her finger on it why she always let Annette drag her along on these adventures in the first place.
"Well, let's be off... Oh, hey..." She said, stopping and looking at a plaque across the top of the doorway. "I didn't notice that on the way in..."
Anja blinked her grey eyes at the plaque Annette mentioned and squinted at the carvings on it. "Huh. Looks like some sort of warning. Let's see: 'Come in humility and leave in piety, those who wish to rob the earth of its essence shall find themselves one with it,'" Anja read aloud, translating the carvings as best as she could. "Eh, kinda cryptic, too..." she stated bluntly, looking at Annette.
"Bah, maybe when they had an army to guard this place, all of three thousand years ago," Annette said as she made her way into the next room. "Look, here's another," She said, pointing at a plaque above the door to the next chamber. "Spoil not Mother's food, for it keeps the winter calm and full. Whatever," She said, steping into the middle of the room before stumbling a few steps, barely recovering due to the shift in balance the huge idol was giving her. "What on earth?" She asked, looking over her shoulder as her pants suddenly felt excruciatingly tight.
"Spoil not food? That really IS cryptic..." Anja thought aloud as she followed Annette. She didn't pay much attention to her friend's movements, and she accidentally bumped into Annette when she suddenly stopped. "Oof! Hey, what's up? Why did you stop?" Anja inquired, putting her hands on her hips as she lifted an eyebrow again.
Annette shined her flashlight down at herself, unwilling to believe what her hands were telling her until she saw it with her eyes. Her hips and thighs were swelling right before her eyes, the denim of her jeans pulling skin-tight as pound after pound was packed into them. She turned around like a dog chasing its tail, trying to catch a better glimpse of her distending legs, the denim now creaking and popping as her swelling flesh was painfully constrained. She felt her hips changing around inside their sockets, her gait widening as she set her feet farther apart to accomodate the enormous swelling, the constant creaking and popping finally coming to a head as her jeans split down the sides, her flesh puffing out the gaps in her pants like rising bread dough. Anja blinked at Annette, then at the target of her attention. The woman glanced down at her friend's waist, and for a moment her brains couldn't handle what she saw. She stared at Annette's rump
her eyes wide. "A-Annette? Um, is it me or is your...?" she stammered dumbfounded. When the information finally reached Anja's brains, she gasped. "Oh my god! Your ass is bloating!" she blurted out the obvious, pointing at the bloating hips with a finger.

Annette looked up to retort, the words catching in her throat as she saw that Anja was going through similar changes, transfixed at her own expansion. The notion brought Anja to another realization; her own shorts felt strangely cramped, more so by the second even. The corner of her eye twitched a bit as her braincells did the math and slowly she lowered her eyes down to her own lower body. "Ahh! MY ass is bloating!" she exclaimed, grabbing her swelling rump as it made the shorts skin-tight in seconds.
Annette turned around in a panic, searching for something, anything to explain the bizarre transformation, until her flashlight passed over the faded yellow but unmistakable shape of a banana painted on the ground.
"The food... the food!" Annette exlaimed. "Anja, get off the food, that's what they meant by spoiling it!" She shouted as she jumped up onto the two steps leading to the divider between the chambers.
Anja was too confused about her own swelling to heed Annette's words at first, grabbing her ass while staring at it, unable to believe what her senses were telling her. "Food? What food?" she asked as she looked back at her friend. She followed her look once more and found herself staring at the image of another fruit. With a gasp of understanding Anja staggered a step forward, unaccustomed to the added weight in her ass, and leapt off the tile to land next to Annette. Their hips bumped against each other and Anja almost lost her balance, only barely staying up by flailing her arms furiously. Once the rush was over and her behind seemed to stop growing, Anja allowed herself to breathe a sigh of relief. "Buh. That's some trap, don't ya think?" the woman huffed, looking at Annette.
"So much for 'no such thing as curses'..." Annette said as she held onto the side of the doorway between the chanmbers, feeling self-consious of her newly-exposed skin pressing against Anja's. "Anyway, let's get-"
The grinding of stone against stone caught Annette's words in her throat as she felt something, like a trembling, as if the idol were reacting to something. She and Anja looked around, ducking slightly to avoid any incoming arrows or sawblades or anything else that might have triggered, but all that came was a thick stone slab, dropping quickly but still shy of freefall to block the doorway leading out.
"So much for 'no such thing as curses', part two..." Annette grumbled, having felt something in the idol resonate before the wall came down. "Now what do we do?"
Anja pointed her flashlisght into the next room, scanning the floor. "Well, no fruit that I can see..." She said, taking her flashlight's beam from the floor and looking around again.
Annette's flashlight traced along the ceiling, settling on another plaque above the door. "Hey, there's another sign above the door... can you read it?"
Rubbing a butt cheek absent-mindedly with her hand, Anja looked at the sign. She muttered the words in the native tongue while working on a proper translation, taking her time before she uttered the translation. "Uh, this sounds kinda weird; 'Sweet nectar of Mother; Blessing and life-bringer, yet burden and toil; Feed the hungry, gain her blessing; Feed the greedy, suffer the burden.'" she spoke, frowning a bit. "It doesn't make much sense..." Anja then looked around the chamber for clues. There were no markings on the floor, but she spotted a small collection of stone figurines similar to the idol they carried with them scattered on two stone slabs, one broken and another one mostly intact. She stepped to the intact one and bent over to pick it up, unintentionally mooning Annette with her oversized behind. "This figurine is the Mother idol's replica, so I suppose that's our tool for getting out of here..." Anja reasoned while looking at Annette. She
then spotted the carvings on the wall behind her friend; a row of small human figures the size of children stood there, each having grooves were the mouths would be. "And I suppose these are the hungry ones..." she thought aloud to let Annette know what was going on in her head, stepping to the carvings to examine them closer.
Annette shined her flashlight around, taking a look at the statues. On their way in she'd stepped over them thinking they were just piles of rocks. It seemed as though the temple was built as much for people leaving as it was for entering.
"So we take this little doohickey and put it in one of these statues...?" She asked.
Anja nodded. "Yeah, I suppose so. The sign said we have to 'feed the hungry' but watch out for the 'greedy'." she said as she returned to the figurine and picked it up. "Seeing that this is a mother and the carvings are supposed to be kids, this symbolizes some sorta breast feeding thing, I think." she stated and looked at the carvings. "But which ones are the greedy ones? They all look the same..." she frowned and tapped a finger on her lower lip. The finn then shrugged as she looked at Annette. "Well, there's only one way to find out, no?" With that the woman stepped to the closest child sculpture and bent over to check out its mouth. She took the stone figurine and put it against the groove, and the bust of the little item fit in perfectly.
"Thought so. Breast feeding." Suddenly, the sound of grinding stone caught the women's attention, and Anja turned to look at the exit. The stone slab slid several inches upwards, coming to a halt almost as quickly as it started. "There we go!" Anja exclaimed and put the figurine into the carving's mouth again, keeping her eyes fixed on the doorway. Nothing happened, though, which left the woman a bit confused. "Odd. It's not working anymore..." she pondered, taking a look at the figurine. Something was going on, though, but Anja didn't notice it. Annette could swear that the white t-shirt her friend wore seemed somewhat tighter around the woman's chest, and it was getting tighter still as she watched.
"Umm... Maybe you should put that down..." Annette said as she watched the neck of Anja's t-shirt stretch dangerously low, the white fabric becoming semi-shear as her bosoms filled it. "C'mon! Get it out get it out get it out!" She exclaimed, waving frantically.
"What? What's gotten to you...?" Anja looked at Annette in wonder. It was then when she felt the weight on her chest and tightness in her shirt, and she gasped when looking down at her stretched shirt. "Whatta hell?!" she yelped at the sight of the flesh bulging out of her shirt, followed by an intense blush when she leapt back and dropped the stone figurine. The movement caused the swelling bust to jiggle in its restrained space, and in a futile attempt she tried to tug the shirt back down into her shorts. "God, this is embarassing!" she complained when the growing stopped a second later, staring at her ample bosom with wide eyes.
"...Okay, let me try this," Annette said, picking up the stone figurine gently between two fingers. "If those are the greedy, then these must be the hungry," She said, slipping the figurine into the mouth of the carving farthest away from the one Anja had used.
The door groaned up a few more inches, stopping with another grinding thunk. "Okay..." She said, looking around. "So I guess this side is the hungry ones...?" She continued, taking the stone "Food" from one carving's mouth and putting it into another, seeing the door grind up a little father.
Anja followed Annette's hands as she worked the door up one carving after another, hope gleaming in her eyes as her hands tried to keep her top modest.
"I think that might be enough!" Annette exclaimed, stepping over to the door and dropping her pack. "Let's see here..." She said, laying on her back and scooting back through the gap. Hopeful, Anja stepped to the door as her friend tried to slide through it, only to be disappointed as Annette got stuck. "Okay, I think... I think... er... nope," She sighed, feeling her enormous hips wedge imposibly tight in the gap.
"Well, without the effects of the last chamber we'd be done with this already." Anja said, poking Annette's sizeable behind. She compared her own bloated form to Annette's and came to the conclusion that she couldn't fit any better. She wouldn't even get her torso through the gap, she thought as she looked at her big bust in embarassement. Without further ado, Anja sighed and returned to the carvings with the figurine. "I suppose we just have to try again until the door's open enough for our huge asses." she managed a little chuckle before stepping to another stone child. She looked closely at the carving this time, trying to see any signs of which kind of carving it was. Since she couldn't tell, Anja just sighed and hesitantly plopped the figurine's bust into the stone kid's mouth. The door didn't budge, and Anja gulped. "Oh, crud. Wrong one..." she grumbled as she felt her shirt tightening even more. The elasticity of her bra was put to an impromtu
test as her breasts filled them to the brim and more, flesh spilling out of every possible gap it provided. Grunting from the strain, Anja removed her backpack to get the bra clasp open, but her swelling bosom was more aggressive. With an audible snap, the bra gave out and let her sweater puppies free. An embarassed yelp escaped Anja's mouth and she grabbed her jiggling bust, trying to adjust her t-shirt that now left her slim stomach bare.
"Anja?" Annette cried out from the other side of the door. "Anja, you okay in there? What's going on?"
"N-nothing! Just got the wrong carving..." Anja replied, quickly plopping the figurine into the next carving. This time the door slid further open, letting Annette enough room to move.
"Phew..." Annete said, sliding back into the room and standing up.. "...Still not big enough to get these ham hocks through tho- whoa!" She said, agog at Anja's navel-length breasts, the fat, firm orbs exposing her abdomen as they completely filled her t-shirt, small bulges rising out of the neckline and dropping under the hem. "Okay, hand that over," she said, holding her hand out, "Before you're too big to move."
Anja flushed bright red from the remark, and she put the stone item in Annette's hand without hesitation. "Be my guest. I'm done playing around with it. I just wanna get out of this weird place!" the finn said, stepping away from the carvings as if they'd bite her at any second. Anja looked down at herself. "This is all just way too weird." she muttered as she tugged the hem of her shirt in a futile attempt to cover the showing underboob. What made things worse were the visible nubs pressing against the fabric. She had always been a decent woman, and having to go without a bra was quite embarassing to her, not to mention having unnaturally large assets to go with it.
Annette held the figure in her hand, looking at all the other carvings on the wall. She'd thought they'd been there to hold candles or something when they'd been on their way in, but now...
"Oh, the hell with it," Annette said as she jammed the figurine into one hole after the other, trusting in blind luck. To her surprise, the door groaned quite loudly, rising a handful of feet into the air. Not fully open, but enough that even their ponderous posteriors could make it through. To her far lesser surprise, she found her button-up blouse becoming much tighter, the white fabric of her tank-top undershirt pressing against the green blouse, pulling at the buttons and causing gaps to appear between them.
Anja looked at the door, surprised and relieved at the same time. "Yes! It's open!" she jumped in place, regretting her burst of joy the instant her features jiggled and bounced from the sudden movement. Grabbing her bust again Anja turned to Annette, but no words came out of her when she noticed her friend's shirt being under stress. "Uh, you too..." she blushed and tried not to stare at the growth.
"Tell me about- about it," Annette said, starting a bit as a button popped off her blouse. Thankfully, the growth seemed to be subsiding, but she still was sporting a pair of breasts the same size as her head. "Oh well, at least we can get out of here, even if it's on our bellies," She said, getting down and wriggling her way under the door, though she was still bouncing her large rear against the bottom of the stone door. "Oh, great," She said as she flashed her light around the room, alighting on a now-familiar plaque above the door.
Anja waited for Annette to get through first, pushing her backpack in front of her when she crawled into the opening. It was far from easy, with all the squishing and brushing her bloated frame did along the way. A moment later she straightened her spine, standing up after clearing the ordeal, and looked at Annette with an inquiring expression on her dusty face. "What now?"
"...From Mother's... bounty, your hands will keep- no, stay..." Annette said as she translated, a bit slower than Anja but capable enough, "So long as the walk of- path! Path of theives is... is..."
"Forsaken," Anja said, helpfully.
"Right," Annette said, sweeping her flashlight over the room. Innocuous on the way in, the wide, flat sections depressed in the ground and the thin raised sections in-between them took on a sinister aura. "So... I guess the question is, was this a society where thieves were more likely to be second-story men coming in though the high ground, or grave-diggers coming in from the bottom? Because I'd bet my bottom dollar stepping on either the sunken bits or the low bits will cause more of this nonsense..."
"Most of the indigenous people have their homes built into the sides of the cliffs or in warrens under trees and so on," Anja said, recalling her notes. "SO while it would be easy to steal into someone's home if you were above them, given their close ties with the earth I would think a thief would more likely burrow into somewhere they weren't supposed to be."
"So the thief's road is the low parts," Annette nodded. "Gotcha." Biting her lip, she eased onto the raised sections of the floor, turning sideways and holding her arms out to the side as she tried to balance on the narrow beam of stone. When they'd come through the first time, they had been more concerned with the gold carvings lining the two walls, illustrating different sub-deities of the pantheon this "mother" apparently ruled over.
Anja listened to Annette's explanation, nodding in approval. "Yeah, that sounds reasonable." she watched her friend go first, inching closer to the other side of the weird floor, holding her breath as she looked for any slightest change in Annette's figure.
'Hmm... So far, so good," Annette said, taking another wobbly step as she tried to navigae the thin footpath. "Nothin' swelling up so far..."
When she was convinced that the route was clear, Anja joined her friend and started to balance her way through. She advanced slightly slower than Annette, being less used to acrobatics and such, combined with the new weight of her body, but even though she had to stop several times to keep her footing Anja progressed without problems.
"Steady... Steady..." Annette said to herself as she tried to sidestep along the raised edges of the floor. She wobbled back and forth on her feet, windmilling her arms as she tried to keep the massive weight on her back from pulling her off her footing.
Anja stopped when Annette staggered, struggling to keep her own balance while waiting for her friend to continue. She flinched when Annette nearly fell into the pits. "Careful there, Annette." she said while inching closer.
"Ahh- ahh!" Annette yelped, the heavy idol causing her to arch her torso backwards. She bent forwards, trying to pull the idol back into her center of gravity, but only succeeded in bending nearly double, arms windmilling furiously as she tried to regain her balance. She took a single step down into the depressions and immediately picked her foot back up, slaming against the gold carvings lining the walls.
"Nuts!" She said as she stood against the wall, putting her foot up in a crevice. She looked back and pushed against the wall, regaining her shaky footing.
"Oh geeze..." She said, feeling a rumbling down in her stomach. "I guess we figured out this room's trap..." She continued, putting her hands on her stomach. As Anja watched, Annette's stomach began expanding against her hands, separating them as she took on the look of a pregant woman, the same gaps appearing in the lower half of her blouse as the feeding room had created on the top of it.
Anja froze to her spot the instant she noticed her friend's change take place, her eyes spreading along with Annette's stomach.
"You know, I probably should have-" Annette started, flinching as another button popped off and her stomach halted his growth looking nine months pregnant- "should probably have undone it myself..." She finished, patting her distended belly.
Blushing, Anja blinked her grey eyes once the growing stopped. "Eh, well, if it's of any consolation, the pregnant look suits you." Anja smirked awkwardly, trying to lighten up the situation a bit. she took another step, and her foot slipped off the dusty edge. Yelling in surprise, the finn tipped off balance, and while normally such a slip would've been no problem for her, her newly-exaggerated features weighed her down a great deal. The brown-haired woman almost crouched from the weight put on her supporting leg, and she leaned against the golden figures on the walls while her slipped foot brushed the lower path. It was a brief moment, but still enough for Anja to suffer the same penalty as Annette. When she finally regained her footing Anja wiped her forehead, moist with sweat. "Phew. That was a bit too..." she started, feeling a rumble in her gut. "...close?" the woman gulped and looked down, feeling a fullness in her belly that wasn't there earlier.
Her heart jumped into her throat when she felt her belt choke around her midriff as a noticeable bulge formed there, and she could see how her enormous bust lifted up some thanks to her growing stomach demanding more space. "Oh, hell no!" she gasped and quickly opened her belt, letting her stomach swell freely. It didn't bloat as large as Annette's, but it still created a formidable dome where her flat belly once were.
"Okay, I've had enough of this," Annette said. "There's no way I can tightrope with this much extra weight." She leaned over and put her hands on the gold carvings, scooting over hand by hand and foot by foot. "There, there we go... Much faster," She said as she made her way across the room. "Well, that's not so... wait..." She said, looking down past her breasts at her stomach. "No... no, no, no!" she said as she hurried the rest of the way, finally alighting on the landing at the other side and immediately grabbing her belly as it continued to swell, popping off another two buttons and causing her undershirt to ride up under her breasts as she passed any size that could be explained by pregnancy and continued unabated.
"I just... I only touched it once!" Annette whined as her belly continued to grow, the sides of her belly expanding farther than her shoulders and sagging in front of her waist. "When... when's it gonna stop?" She whined.
Anja was quick to follow her friend's example, although she used only one hand when supporting herself on the carvings. She stopped for a moment when Annette gasped and hurried to the other side, blinking at the sight of her stomach getting even bigger. The familiar feeling settled into her own stomach, and she looked down at herself to see her breasts reach further up towards her chin. She looked down at the lower path, knowing she hadn't touched it a second time, as Annette hadn't. Then it hit her. Her attention snapped to the wall and the carvings, and specifically the open hand pressed against them. "The carvings! It was the carvings they were talking about all along, not the lower path!" Anja meeped and pulled her hand back immediately. The sudden movement tipping her off balance as she flailed her arms furiously, her growing stomach offering no assistance. With a yelp, she fell off her beam, falling almost flat on her behind on the lower path.
"Ouch! Damn it, stop growing!" Anja grumbled as she rubbed her behind with one hand while holding her stomach with the other, feeling the bulge swell larger by the second. Having been less in contact with the carvings, Anja's growth ended sooner than Annette's, although she still ended up looking around 12 months pregnant. "God, this place is really starting to piss me off," the finnish woman complained while trying to get up, grunting from effort.
"You and me both," Annette said, leaning up against the doorframe and looking into the next room as she shined her flashlight around it, groaning as she saw yet another plaque above the door. "You know, I'm almost afraid to ask what this one does. Those double-doors at the entrance were pretty big, but I'm starting to get concerned we'll be able to fit through..."
Anja waddled next to her friend, caressing her bloated midriff gently. For all it's awkwardness, Ang thought, the belly had its good sides, too, she had to admit. The massive dome supported her big breasts somewhat, easing the strain on her shoulders a bit. She looked at the plaque, reading the original text half-audibly before giving Annette the translation. "Oh, great. You're gonna like this...'Embrace the Mother, accept her health. Modesty must be heeded if one wishes to walk their own path.' " she read, her tone darkening as she glanced at the chamber they were up against. It was more like a narrow corridor lined with statues of the Mother. Anja had been curious about them when they had entered, wondering why the entrance to such a large place had been made so cramped, but now she knew and she didn't like it...
"Hoo boy..." Annette said, waddling to the entryway. "Okay, I'm betting the statues are the 'do not touch' part of this one. We made it this far, we need to make it farther, the question is which one of us is going to go first."
Anja poked her finger into her lower lip, measuring the hallway and their frames. "I guess I could go first. I mean, I've got the smallest gut from the two of us, so I guess I could go a bit faster. My chest is bigger, though, but that doesn't hamper my legs as much..." she analyzed, shaking her head a bit as she thought how ridiculous it all sounded. She walked to the start of the statue line-up and gave a quick look at how much space there was between her body and the stone statues. "This is gonna be a tight fit..." she sighed and looked at Annette. "Here goes nothing. Wish me luck." she said and turned back to the gauntlet-like passage. At first she took a few measured steps past the first pair of statues, keeping an eye on the gaps between her and them. At the next couple Anja's thigh accidentally brushed against one statue as she was paying too much attention to the other one. She immediately jerked away, gasping a bit. "Damn it!" she swore, feeling
an immediate warmth spread across her body. The already tight clothes felt tighter on her and much to her dismay Anja's body started to soften all around. It wasn't much, but she still noticed how her features thickened. "Screw this! I'm running through!" Anja said, and darted towards the exit. Her hasty decision cost her, though, and she touched the statues every now and then as she passed them. Each time she became thicker, weight accumulating on her body. Her face rounded out some, as did her arms and legs. The taut stomach gained some jiggle as she ran, and to Anja's embarassement she heard the stitches of her clothes giving out one by one. Eventually the finn reached the end, somewhat wider than before but through the gauntlet at least. She huffed and gasped for air like a fish on dry land while leaning against the doorframe. "I'm through! Your turn..."
Annette looked at the narrow hallway, and then down at her expansive stomach, realizing there was maybe a few inches of give on either sode of the bloated sphere before she'd run into the statues, and that's if she was somehow able to line herself up perfectly, already an absurd notion given how wide a stance her enormous thighs imposed on her.
"...Oh, the hell with it," She finally said, setting herself briefly before breaking into a run, trying to hold her belly up so it didn't impede her legs. Annette felt each statue she brushed past, the ripples of warm sensation crisscrossing over her body. She just hoped, as she felt the flesh begin to fill out from her cheeks to her calves, that she got through the gauntlet before-
Her hip solidly hit the belly of one of the statues, causing her to stumble a bit and lose her footing, ultimately jerking to a stop between two of the statues.
"Oh crap!" Annette cried out as she pushed at the ground with her boots and tried to reach past her belly with her hands. She'd been caught between the gravid bellies of the last two statues, her still-swelling rear wedged softly but tightly against them. "Anja! I'm stuck! Help!"
Anja gasped in shock at Annette's stumble, rushing to her the instant she was lodged between the fat statues. "Hold on, Annette! I'll get you out!" she said and grabbed her friend's arms. She pulled as hard as she could, but it seemed to have almost no effect. As if that wasn't all, she felt the warmth spread from Annette into her own body, and the finnish woman started to grow thicker once more. It wasn't as effective as touching the statues directly, so she gained weight at a much slower pace than her poor stuck friend. Still, the shorts and t-shirt groaned as more seams broke. "Damn it, girl! You weigh a ton!" she groaned while pulling and jerking.
"I'm *going* to weigh a ton if you don't pull!" Annette bellowed as she struggled to free herself, feeling pound after pound pack onto her, inflating her breasts, bloating her belly, and widening her hips and rear even more. The pressure on her hips was getting unbearable, and the wild thrashng of her legs seemed to do little to change her positon.
Finally, right when visions of being trapped in the temple beneath a wall of flesh stated to flit through Annette's mind, the pressure of her rear on the statues reached a tipping point and she was nearly spat out from between the two, crashing into Anja in an enormous tangle of squishy flesh on the landing of the final chamber, daylight visible through the doors that had seemed so deceptively large when they'd entered.
Anja's grunts turned to a yelp of surprise when Annette popped out of the improvised trap, grumbling in pain as the heavier woman landed on her with a loud thud. Stars danced in her vision and her head throbbed from the impact with the stone floor. "Gah! Get offa me, damn it! I can't breathe!" she complained weakly, flailing her limbs and shoving and pushing to get free of the squishy press.
Annette rolled off of Anja, the idol clanking against the ground as it dragged her off her friend. She struggled to stand, hefting her enormous bulk up and taking stock of her situation. Her button-up blouse was now bereft of buttons, the garment looking like a gag accessory across her back and doing absolutely nothing to cover up the flowing jiggly mass of her front. Her breasts completely filled her white tank-top, turning the garment into little more than an undersized and undersupportive bra, the spaghetti straps digging into and disappearing inside the twin pillowy masses that bunched up beneath her chin, hefted up by the enormous, gravid sphere of her belly, probably containing as much mass inside it as she had in her entire body when she entered the temple.
Okay," Annette said, finding her flashlight amongst her newly-acquired bulk and shining it above the door, almost but not quite able to see it in the dusky light streaming in from outside. "Let's see what this one does..."
Anja, who had been able to right herself, took the liberty of translating it since she was much faster than Annette. "Even if you are to leave Mother's temple, the ground below and the sky above will see inside you and grab your sins up to them..."
"Sky above...?" Annette said, shinging her flashlight up to the ceiling where a few patches of crumbling frescoes still clung to the stonework. "I don't... I don't see anything, do you?" She asked with a worried expression.
"No, there's nothing useful up there..." Anja frowned and looked around. The chamber was devoid of statues of any kind. Just the large doorway and a clean pathway from their previous chamber heading straight to it, and the rest of the stone slabs were decorated with all kinds of pictures and motifs. That made Anja wonder. It was way too easy if they could just walk straight out of the place. "This can't be all. I mean, we've come all this way and we get a straight path out of here? Looks like a trap to me." the finn pondered, weighing all kinds of possibilities as her eyes scanned the floor while trying to figure out the meaning behind the plaque. "Mh, this is a tough one," she admitted, "But it's clear that we shouldn't go straight. Whoever built this place surely didn't want to let possible thieves get away so easily after getting this far with the idol."
"Well, I hate to do this to you," Annette said, putting her hands on her enormous hips, "but as big as I am I'm insisting you go first. "I'm looking at that door and not seeing a whole lot of wiggle room for me. You can goof up a few times and still make it out, but if I don't have a safe route I think I'm going to be stuck here..."
Anja grumbled a bit at the notion. "Mh, you're right. Let's see..." she thought and rubbed her stomach while looking at the pictures on the floor. "Sky above and ground below...that must mean we need to avoid everything related to the sky and ground." Anja reasoned and pointed at a slab with a bird of some sort picture on it. "So no stepping on the birds, I suppose. Or any of those ground animals." she pointed out the animal pictures within sight, trying to figure out a route as she did. "Ok, time to try out this theory." with a little huff she looked at Annette for the last time before stepping from the doorway. "Wish me luck," she said, holding her sizeable breasts in her hands to keep them as still as possible, taking a short leap to the closest slab that didn't have the aforementioned pictures. She landed on a fish-decorated tile, releasing her breasts and flailing her arms as her lunging form intended to drag her further than that. "Gah! Made it!"
she sighed as she stood straight. "So far so good, I suppose..." Anja said and looked around for another "safe" slab to jump on. Thanks to her clothes already being stretched to their limits the woman didn't notice them get tighter, but Annette saw clearly that her friend was going through a change. Not just one part of her started to grow, but the whole woman inched larger in all aspects. Her head reached higher as her frame grew proportionally bigger.
"Anja, I think you need to re-think your strategy..." Annette said as she watched the formerly-small finnish girl grow taller than her by several inches.
"What? What did I step on?" Anja looked at her feet. She blinked as she noticed the slab she was standing on being much smaller than she remembered, and gasped once she noticed that it was her who was getting bigger. "Oh no! This is getting REALLY rididulous!" she complained, blushing at the sound of cloth ripping as her skintight clothes made room for the growing lady. "Okay, okay. No animals at all, then! Plants this time!" she thought harder than ever and looked for said picture. Without stopping to wait the bulging woman leapt to a slab with a picture of a jungle tree on it, stopping to wait for confirmation of her hypothesis. "Ok, did that work?" she wondered aloud as she looked at herself. The growth didn't yield and Anja kept spreading in all directions. Her limbs stretched longer but her head didn't seem to follow as proportionally, making Anja's growth seem more intense. Not just that, but her features bloated even bigger, putting a great deal
of strain on her poor tormented garments.
"Forget it!" Annette yelled as she saw Anja's head pass the level of the dorway and gain on the ceiling. "Just run for the exit!" She called as she saw the holes in Anja's garments bringing them to the brink of failure.
"Oh, crap!" Anja exclaimed and heeded Annette's suggestion. With a good jump the finn aimed for the doorway, throwing all subtlety and caution to the wind. Her clothes couldn't stand it anymore and Anja's body practically stripped itself as she ran. As the shirt tore off Anja gasped and grabbed her bouncing breasts as best she could, feeling the flesh grow bigger under her hands by the second. Her head was nearly brushing against the ceiling now and her steps thumped audibly in the chamber, sending tiny tremors across the floor. Suddenly the backpack's shoulder strap broke and it began to fall, and in a futile attempt Anja tried to turn around and grab it. Her weight and the sudden shift in balance caused her to fall, and the poor woman slammed onto the floor. Grunting from pain, the swelling finn rose on all fours and crawled the rest of the way to the door, wearing only the tatters of her once fitted clothes as she reached her goal.
"Okay...I made it..." Anja huffed as she waddled forward, victory in sight. She pressed on and breathed the fresh outside air, smiling in relief as the evening sunlight washed her face. Suddenly she came to an unwanted stop, a sharp pain settling around her waist. Anja blinked and looked behind her, not believing her eyes. "Oh, double hell no!" Annette heard her friend shout in frustration as she watched the now giantess of a woman's big behind get stuck in the large door frame.
Annette's eyes went wide as she saw Anja struggling to get through, the shafts of light creeping through the door shifting and disappearing as Anja's enormous bulk twisted and squirmed around inside the entryway. Annette looked at the tiles on the ground, trying to figure some rhyme or reason to them. "Umm.... Umm..."
Anja grumbled and grunted while trying to squeeze her huge ass through the painfully narrow doorway, swearing profusely in her native tongue. It wasn't until Anja's struggling foot kicked a tile and Annette saw her starting to grow further that she threw caution to the wind and charged forward, closing her eyes and letting out a battle cry as she hefted what she could of her ponderous bulk in her arms and tried to gain as much momentum as possible. The sound of Annette screaming inside the temple stopped Anja's tantrum, and she blinked her eyes in wonder. "Annette? Is everything all right there?" she asked while trying to see over her shoulder. She realized she was growing again, seeing how her already gigantic behind squeezed harder and harder against the stone frame.
Annette felt herself impact Anja's behind, like being thrown into a pile of waterbeds as her trio of huge, soft spheres compacted against Anja's growing rear.
For a moment time seemed to slow, Annette buried in her own flesh and wondering if either of them were ever going to make it out of the temple, but even as she began to rebound out of her squishy prison, the waves of momentum finally traveled the distance up her titanic caboose and Anja lunged forward, not out of the entryway entirely but far enough to get the widest part of her past the door.
Anja didn't get the chance to react as she suddenly felt something soft hit her rump. She let out a yelp of surprise, blushing fiercely as she understood what - no, WHO - had slammed against her. The impact was more than enough to nudge her butt free, although not without scratches and scrapes, and with another loud yelp Anja surged forward and faceplanted on the top of the long stairway leading down, her jiggling rump sticking high in the air.
Annette rolled herself up onto her feet, amazed she didn't appear to be growing herself. She'd somehow, through what she was sure was the most bizarre luck, managed to make it across the room without growing any wider, but as she waddled her way to the door, she realized she still wasn't in the clear.
"Gently... Gently..." She muttered to herself as she felt her sides begin to squeeze against the sides of the doorway, her belly compating and pressing her breasts even farther up. "Anja?" She called out, "Are you there? I can't see over my boobs, I might need help here..."
Grumbling, Anja heaved herself up to a sitting position, rubbing her sore bum and face "Owww. That's gonna leave a mark..." she complained, cutting her whining the instant she heard Annette. She glanced over her shoulder, lifting an eyebrow at the sight. "Oh, you got stuck too? Hold on, Annette. I'm coming." the large woman said and stood up, waddling to her friend's aid. Being much taller now, she had to kneel before Annette to see her past her own bloated form. She leaned to both sides to see what was the problem, and carefully she put her hands on each side of her friend's sizeable midriff "Ok, let's try this. I'll squeeze your belly from the sides while you walk out. I'll be careful." Anja instructed "Ready?" she asked, starting to press Annette's sides gently when she gave the 'green light'.
Annette struggled through the doorway, marvelling at her friend's new size. It felt like someone was pushing an entire sofa cushion into each side of her, Anja had grown nearly twice as tall as Annette. Finally she felt the pressure on her sides fade, and she stood at the entrance of the temple, the cooling sunset air causing goosebumps to ripple across her (what felt like) acres of exposed flesh. Her blouse was purely decorative now, the undershirt little more than an ill-fitting bikini top for all it covered of her bustline. The tattered remnants of her jeans were all but completely envelloped in the folds of her hips and belly, only her hiking shoes and socks remaining untouched by the multitude of transformations.
"There we go." Anja said with a relieved smile, wiping a trickle of sweat off her forehead. Once she allowed herself to focus on herself Anja realized how naked she felt. It wasn't too far from the truth, either; her body had ripped through practically every piece of clothing the now large lady had worn. Only the collar of her t-shirt along with a tiny torn rag covered her neckline and her yellow panties were sucked in between her enormous buttcheeks. "This sure was one hell of a ride, dontcha think?" Anja asked, only to shudder as a tiny breeze caressed her sensitive curves. She cupped each breast into her hands, barely able to hide the nipples that were now rock hard thanks to the wind. The fact that she was topless in the middle of nowhere with her friend didn't make the situation any less embarassing, and her cheeks flushed bright red as she sat on her big legs.
"Well..." Annette said, looking around. "Fifty miles back to camp. But at least with this thing," She said, hefting her backpack and feeling the idol jostle against her, "We'll be able to buy whatever size clothes we need when we get back..."
"That's true, I suppose..." Anja said, looking down at herself. She was way bigger than she was comfortable with. She didn't even want to TRY to guess how much she weighed with all the bulges and squish she carried now. She wasn't sure she even wanted to show herself around people being the way she was now. "I just hope this isn't too permanent. I mean, look at us! We're... we're huge." the woman flushed and reached to adjust her painfully right undies.
Annette snorted. "Not permanent? And while we're wishing, I'd like a pony," She said as she began gingerly making her way down the steps. "C'mon, the only thing I want to do less than walk through the jungle only covering four percent of my skin is SLEEPING in the jungle only covering four percent of my skin. And considering you left all our supplies in there," She said, nodding her head back towards the temple, "Our only option right now is to put one foot in front of the other and hope it all works out."
"Hey! You think I INTENDED to leave them there? If you didn't notice, I was kinda busy back there. You know, with my body growing out of control and all..." Anja huffed and gathered herself, standing up and stomping after Annette. Her steps had more thump in them than she intended, and she forced herself to calm down to avoid breaking the steps with her newly gained girth and strength.
"We'll send someone back to get it later," Annnette said. "I think as long as they're not trying to take the idol out they'll be okay.."
"Yeah, let's hope so..." Anja nodded. She couldn't help thinking that the idol was fun in it's weird way. Not because of the strange transformations they had suffered, but it was one of the most interesting adventures she's had with Annette so far. Neither of them could've imagined what lay before them when they first entered the temple, what dangers lurked there. But there they were, on their way back with their prized possession in tow. Who cares about lost clothes? As Annette had said, they can buy all the clothes they wanted once they sold the artifact to the right bidder. Anja's thoughts were interrupted by a familiar gurgle in her stomach all of a sudden. "Um, Annette? I'm hungry..." she said, blushing.
Annette's face screwed up incredulously as she looked at her behemothine partner, then she realized her own stomach was growling, improbable as it seemed after she'd just put on a few hundred pounds of weight. "Umm... Okay, double-time," she said, laughing. "And don't pick any weird berries or anything! I've had enough growing for one day!"

The end
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